Verified Commit 02c6f764 authored by shelikhoo's avatar shelikhoo
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Add support for specifying bridge list file

parent c961b074
......@@ -176,6 +176,7 @@ func main() {
var addr string
var geoipDatabase string
var geoip6Database string
var bridgeListFilePath, allowedRelayPattern string
var disableTLS bool
var certFilename, keyFilename string
var disableGeoip bool
......@@ -190,6 +191,8 @@ func main() {
flag.StringVar(&addr, "addr", ":443", "address to listen on")
flag.StringVar(&geoipDatabase, "geoipdb", "/usr/share/tor/geoip", "path to correctly formatted geoip database mapping IPv4 address ranges to country codes")
flag.StringVar(&geoip6Database, "geoip6db", "/usr/share/tor/geoip6", "path to correctly formatted geoip database mapping IPv6 address ranges to country codes")
flag.StringVar(&bridgeListFilePath, "bridge-list-path", "", "file path for bridgeListFile")
flag.StringVar(&allowedRelayPattern, "allowed-relay-pattern", "", "allowed pattern for relay host name")
flag.BoolVar(&disableTLS, "disable-tls", false, "don't use HTTPS")
flag.BoolVar(&disableGeoip, "disable-geoip", false, "don't use geoip for stats collection")
flag.StringVar(&metricsFilename, "metrics-log", "", "path to metrics logging output")
......@@ -222,6 +225,17 @@ func main() {
ctx := NewBrokerContext(metricsLogger)
if bridgeListFilePath != "" {
bridgeListFile, err := os.Open(bridgeListFilePath)
if err != nil {
err = ctx.InstallBridgeListProfile(bridgeListFile, allowedRelayPattern)
if err != nil {
if !disableGeoip {
err = ctx.metrics.LoadGeoipDatabases(geoipDatabase, geoip6Database)
if err != nil {
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