Commit 50673d49 authored by Cecylia Bocovich's avatar Cecylia Bocovich
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Remove client test with nil broker

We are no longer checking for nil BrokerChannels in Catch because this
case is caught from the return values of NewBrokerChannel. This change
caused a no longer necessary unit test to hang.
parent 7682986a
......@@ -271,12 +271,6 @@ func TestSnowflakeClient(t *testing.T) {
So(d.BrokerChannel, ShouldNotBeNil)
So(d.BrokerChannel.Host, ShouldEqual, "test")
Convey("WebRTCDialer cannot Catch a snowflake with nil broker.", func() {
d := NewWebRTCDialer(nil, nil)
conn, err := d.Catch()
So(conn, ShouldBeNil)
So(err, ShouldNotBeNil)
SkipConvey("WebRTCDialer can Catch a snowflake.", func() {
broker := &BrokerChannel{Host: "test"}
d := NewWebRTCDialer(broker, nil)
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