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Explain more in usage.

parent b86bbd74
......@@ -41,11 +41,15 @@ var ptInfo pt.ServerInfo
var handlerChan = make(chan int)
func usage() {
fmt.Printf("Usage: %s [OPTIONS]\n\n", os.Args[0])
fmt.Printf("WebSocket server pluggable transport for Tor.\n")
fmt.Printf("Works only as a managed proxy.\n")
fmt.Printf(" -h, -help show this help.\n")
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, `Usage: %s [OPTIONS]
WebSocket server pluggable transport for Snowflake. Works only as a managed
proxy. Uses TLS with ACME (Let's Encrypt) by default. Set the certificate
hostnames with the --acme-hostnames option. Use ServerTransportListenAddr in
torrc to choose the listening port. When using TLS, if the port is not 443, this
program will open an additional listening port on 443 to work with ACME.
`, os.Args[0])
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