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Add Dockerfile and README for deploying probetest

The easiest way to set up the probe server behind a symmetric NAT is to
deploy it as a Docker container and alter the iptables rules for the
Docker network subnet that the container runs in.
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FROM golang:1.13
COPY probetest /go/bin
This is code for a remote probe test component of Snowflake.
### Overview
This is a probe test server to allow proxies to test their compatability
with Snowflake. Right now the only type of test implemented is a
compatability check for clients with symmetric NATs.
### Running your own
The server uses TLS by default.
There is a `--disable-tls` option for testing purposes,
but you should use TLS in production.
To build the probe server, run
```go build```
To deploy the probe server, first set the necessary env variables with
then run ```docker-compose up```
Setting up a symmetric NAT configuration requires a few extra steps. After
upping the docker container, run
```docker inspect snowflake-probetest```
to find the subnet used by the probetest container. Then run
```sudo iptables -L -t nat``` to find the POSTROUTING rules for the subnet.
It should look something like this:
target prot opt source destination
MASQUERADE all -- anywhere
to modify this rule, execute the command
```sudo iptables -t nat -R POSTROUTING $RULE_NUM -s -j MASQUERADE --random```
where RULE_NUM is the numbered rule corresponding to your docker container's subnet masquerade rule.
Afterwards, you should see the rule changed to be:
target prot opt source destination
MASQUERADE all -- anywhere random
version: "3.8"
build: .
container_name: snowflake-probetest
- "8443:8443"
- /home/snowflake-broker/acme-cert-cache:/go/bin/acme-cert-cache
entrypoint: [ "probetest" , "-addr", ":8443" , "-acme-hostnames", $HOSTNAMES, "-acme-email", $EMAIL, "-acme-cert-cache", "/go/bin/acme-cert-cache"]
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