Commit b86bbd74 authored by David Fifield's avatar David Fifield
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Add --acme-email option.

parent 61310600
......@@ -213,11 +213,13 @@ func startServer(ln net.Listener) (net.Listener, error) {
func main() {
var acmeEmail string
var acmeHostnamesCommas string
var disableTLS bool
var logFilename string
flag.Usage = usage
flag.StringVar(&acmeEmail, "acme-email", "", "optional contact email for Let's Encrypt notifications")
flag.StringVar(&acmeHostnamesCommas, "acme-hostnames", "", "comma-separated hostnames for TLS certificate")
flag.BoolVar(&disableTLS, "disable-tls", false, "don't use HTTPS")
flag.StringVar(&logFilename, "log", "", "log file to write to")
......@@ -250,6 +252,7 @@ func main() {
certManager := autocert.Manager{
Prompt: autocert.AcceptTOS,
HostPolicy: autocert.HostWhitelist(acmeHostnames...),
Email: acmeEmail,
// The ACME responder only works when it is running on port 443. In case
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