Commit d8411816 authored by David Fifield's avatar David Fifield
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Include "tls=no" or "tls=yes" in the bridge descriptor.

Might make this controlled by ServerTransportOptions instead of the
--disable-tls command line option.
parent aa204af6
......@@ -259,16 +259,19 @@ func main() {
switch bindaddr.MethodName {
case ptMethodName:
var ln net.Listener
args := pt.Args{}
if disableTLS {
args.Add("tls", "no")
ln, err = startListener("tcp", bindaddr.Addr)
} else {
args.Add("tls", "yes")
ln, err = startListenerTLS("tcp", bindaddr.Addr, certFilename, keyFilename)
if err != nil {
pt.SmethodError(bindaddr.MethodName, err.Error())
pt.Smethod(bindaddr.MethodName, ln.Addr())
pt.SmethodArgs(bindaddr.MethodName, ln.Addr(), args)
listeners = append(listeners, ln)
pt.SmethodError(bindaddr.MethodName, "no such method")
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