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Commit ece43cbf authored by Cecylia Bocovich's avatar Cecylia Bocovich

Note that isRestrictedFiltering is no longer used

parent 00f8f85f
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......@@ -110,6 +110,9 @@ func isRestrictedMapping(addrStr string) (bool, error) {
// Performs two tests from RFC 5780 to determine whether the filtering type
// of the client's NAT is port-dependent.
// Returns true if the filtering is port-dependent and false otherwise
// Note: This function is no longer used because a client's NAT type is
// determined only by their mapping type, but the functionality might
// be useful in the future and remains here.
func isRestrictedFiltering(addrStr string) (bool, error) {
var xorAddr stun.XORMappedAddress
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