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Merge #6598

6598: [ci skip] Bug 1620585 - reduce frequency for building snapshots r=pocmo a=MihaiTabara

We've added reproducible nightlies in

 to be published under As far as I understood, all the major projects have switched to using them instead of snapshots. Time to retire the latter then. 

First let's start with reducing the frequency from 10 times a week to three times a week and see if there are any downstream consumers that we don't know of that might have oversight. If nobody complains, I'll remove them completely in a week from now on.
Co-authored-by: default avatarMihai Tabara <>
parents 4ebfff71 cca6fc5d
......@@ -10,8 +10,9 @@ jobs:
treeherder-symbol: snapshot-D
target-tasks-method: snapshot
- {hour: 13, minute: 0}
- {hour: 19, minute: 0}
- {weekday: 'Monday', hour: 13, minute: 0}
- {weekday: 'Wednesday', hour: 13, minute: 0}
- {weekday: 'Friday', hour: 13, minute: 0}
- name: nightly
type: decision-task
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