Commit 3b24876b authored by MickeyMoz's avatar MickeyMoz
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Update GeckoView (nightly) (20200513-141104)

parent 35ce172c
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ internal object GeckoVersions {
* GeckoView Nightly Version.
const val nightly_version = "78.0.20200512093421"
const val nightly_version = "78.0.20200513094918"
* GeckoView Beta Version.
......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ The following metrics are added to the ping:
| gfx.status.headless |[boolean]( |Boolean indicated whether graphics is running in headless (no display) mode |[1](||2021-02-01 |
| gfx.status.sceneswap_time |[timing_distribution]( |The time taken to do a webrender scene swap. This is book-keeping that APZ must perform once webrender has built a new scene. |[1](||never |
| gfx.webrender.scenebuild_time |[timing_distribution]( |The time taken to build a webrender scene. This occurs each time webrender receives a new display list. This additionally includes blob rasterization time. |[1](||never |
| javascript.gc.total_time |[timing_distribution]( |The total time taken by a collection. |[1](||never |
| network.cache_hit_time |[timing_distribution]( |Time to open existing cache entry file. |[1](||never |
| network.dns_end |[timing_distribution]( |In the HTTP page channel, time from the DNS request being issued to the response. |[1](||never |
| network.dns_start |[timing_distribution]( |In the HTTP page channel, time from connection open to the DNS request being issued. |[1](||never |
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