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This is especially useful if you want to call `activity.onBackPressed()` to navigate away rather than just dismiss the keyboard.
Its return value is used to determine if `displayMode` will switch from edit to view.
* **concept-sync**
* 🆕 New component which describes sync-related interfaces, such as SyncManager, SyncableStore, SyncStatusObserver and others.
* **concept-storage**
* ⚠️ **This is a breaking API change!**: Removed sync-related interfaces. See **concept-sync**.
* **feature-sync**
* ⚠️ **This is a breaking API change!** Complete overhaul of this component.
* Added `BackgroundSyncManager`, a WorkManager-based implementation of the SyncManager defined in `concept-sync`.
* An instance of a SyncManager is an entry point for interacting with background data synchronization.
* See component's README for usage details.
# 0.46.0
* [Commits](
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