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Closes #3666: Update the changelog

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* Now `` allows you to specify a `TrackingProtectionPolicy.CookiePolicy`, if not specified, `TrackingProtectionPolicy.CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_NON_TRACKERS` will be used.
* Behavior change: Now `TrackingProtectionPolicy.none()` will get assigned a `TrackingProtectionPolicy.CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_ALL`, and both `TrackingProtectionPolicy.all()` and `TrackingProtectionPolicy.recommended()` will have a `TrackingProtectionPolicy.CookiePolicy.ACCEPT_NON_TRACKERS`.
* **concept-engine**, **browser-engine-system**
* Added `useWideViewPort` in `Settings` to support the viewport HTML meta tag or if a wide viewport should be used. (Only affects `SystemEngineSession`)
# 3.0.0
* [Commits](
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