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......@@ -4,17 +4,29 @@ A library for integrating with Firefox Accounts.
## Motivation
The **Firefox Accounts Android Component** provides a way for Android applications to do the following:
The **Firefox Accounts Android Component** provides both low and high level accounts functionality.
* Obtain OAuth tokens that can be used to access the user's data in Mozilla-hosted services like Firefox Sync
At a low level, there is direct interaction with the accounts system:
* Obtain scoped OAuth tokens that can be used to access the user's data in Mozilla-hosted services like Firefox Sync
* Fetch client-side scoped keys needed for end-to-end encryption of that data
* Fetch a user's profile to personalize the application
See also the [sample app](
for help with integrating this component into your application.
At a high level, there is an Account Manager:
* Handles account state management and persistence
* Abstracts away OAuth details, handling scopes, token caching, recovery, etc. Application can still specify custom scopes if needed
* Integrates with FxA device management, automatically creating and destroying device records as appropriate
* (optionally) Provides Send Tab integration - allows sending and receiving tabs within the Firefox Account ecosystem
* (optionally) Provides Firefox Sync integration
## Usage
Sample applications:
* [accounts sample app](, demonstrates how to use low level APIs
* [sync app](, demonstrates a high level accounts integration, complete with syncing multiple data stores
Useful companion components:
* [feature-accounts](, provides a `tabs` integration on top of `FxaAccountManager`, to handle display of web sign-in UI.
* [browser-storage-sync](, provides data storage layers compatible with Firefox Sync.
## Usage
### Setting up the dependency
Use Gradle to download the library from []( ([Setup repository](../../../
......@@ -23,7 +35,134 @@ Use Gradle to download the library from [](https://maven.mozill
implementation "org.mozilla.components:service-firefox-accounts:{latest-version}"
### Start coding
### High level APIs, recommended for most applications
Below is an example of how to integrate most of the common functionality exposed by `FxaAccountManager`.
Additionally, see `feature-accounts`
// Make the two "syncable" stores accessible to account manager's sync machinery.
GlobalSyncableStoreProvider.configureStore("history" to historyStorage)
GlobalSyncableStoreProvider.configureStore("bookmarks" to bookmarksStorage)
val accountManager = FxaAccountManager(
context = this,
serverConfig = ServerConfig.release(CLIENT_ID, REDIRECT_URL),
deviceConfig =DeviceConfig(
name = "Sample app",
type = DeviceType.MOBILE,
capabilities = setOf(DeviceCapability.SEND_TAB)
syncConfig = SyncConfig(setOf("history", "bookmarks"), syncPeriodInMinutes = 15L)
// Observe changes to the account and profile.
accountManager.register(accountObserver, owner = this, autoPause = true)
// Observe sync state changes.
accountManager.registerForSyncEvents(syncObserver, owner = this, autoPause = true)
// Observe incoming device events (e.g. SEND_TAB events from other devices).
accountManager.registerForDeviceEvents(deviceEventsObserver, owner = this, autoPause = true)
// Now that all of the observers we care about are registered, kick off the account manager.
// If we're already authenticated
launch { accountManager.initAsync().await() }
// 'Sync Now' button binding.
findViewById<View>( {
// 'Sign-in' button binding.
findViewById<View>( {
launch {
val authUrl = accountManager.beginAuthenticationAsync().await()
authUrl?.let { openWebView(it) }
// 'Sign-out' button binding
findViewById<View>( {
launch {
// 'Disable periodic sync' button binding
findViewById<View>( {
launch {
SyncConfig(setOf("history", "bookmarks")
// 'Enable periodic sync' button binding
findViewById<View>( {
launch {
SyncConfig(setOf("history", "bookmarks"), syncPeriodInMinutes = 60L)
// This is expected to be called from the webview/geckoview integration, which intercepts page loads and gets
// 'code' and 'state' out of the 'successful sign-in redirect' url.
fun onLoginComplete(code: String, state: String) {
launch {
accountManager.finishAuthenticationAsync(code, state).await()
// Observe changes to account state.
val accountObserver = object : AccountObserver {
override fun onLoggedOut() = launch {
// handle logging-out in the UI
override fun onAuthenticationProblems() = launch {
// prompt user to re-authenticate
override fun onAuthenticated(account: OAuthAccount) = launch {
// logged-in successfully; display account details
override fun onProfileUpdated(profile: Profile) {
// display ${profile.displayName} and ${} if desired
// Observe changes to sync state.
val syncObserver = object : SyncStatusObserver {
override fun onStarted() = launch {
// sync started running; update some UI to indicate this
override fun onIdle() = launch {
// sync stopped running; update some UI to indicate this
override fun onError(error: Exception?) = launch {
// sync encountered an error; optionally indicate this in the UI
// Observe incoming device events.
val deviceEventsObserver = object : DeviceEventsObserver {
override fun onEvents(events: List<DeviceEvent>) {
// device received some events; for example, here's how you can process incoming Send Tab events:
events.filter { it is DeviceEvent.TabReceived }.forEach {
val tabReceivedEvent = it as DeviceEvent.TabReceived
val fromDeviceName = tabReceivedEvent.from?.displayName
showNotification("Tab ${tab.title}, received from: ${fromDisplayName}", tab.url)
### Low level APIs
First you need some OAuth information. Generate a `client_id`, `redirectUrl` and find out the scopes for your application.
See Firefox Account documentation for that.
......@@ -18,6 +18,13 @@ permalink: /changelog/
* **feature-downloads**
* Added custom notification icon for `FetchDownloadManager`.
* **feature-accounts**
* ⚠️ **This is a breaking change**: Public API for interacting with `FxaAccountManager` and sync changes
* `FxaAccountManager` now has a new, simplified public API.
* `BackgroundSyncManager` is longer exists; sync functionality exposed directly via `FxaAccountManager`.
* See component's [README]( for detailed description of the new API.
* As part of these changes, token caching issue has been fixed. See [#3579]( for details.
# 3.0.0
* [Commits](
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