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Merge #4295

4295: Enable Glean docs for engine-gecko-nightly r=Dexterp37 a=Dexterp37

This additionally changes the GV updater bot to add doc changes to the PR it creates when updating GV.

**Note**: how can I test the script on CI?
Co-authored-by: default avatarAlessio Placitelli <>
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......@@ -40,19 +40,26 @@ git commit -m \
--author="MickeyMoz <>" \
|| { echo "No new GeckoView version ($CHANNEL) available"; exit 0; }
# This will be 'engine-gecko-$CHANNEL' for non-release channels.
# Intentionally left empty.
# Build and test engine component as well as sample browser
if [ "$CHANNEL" = "nightly" ]
./gradlew browser-engine-gecko-nightly:assemble \
browser-engine-gecko-nightly:test \
elif [ "$CHANNEL" = "beta" ]
./gradlew browser-engine-gecko-beta:assemble \
browser-engine-gecko-beta:test \
elif [ "$CHANNEL" = "release" ]
./gradlew browser-engine-gecko:assemble \
browser-engine-gecko:test \
......@@ -61,6 +68,12 @@ else
exit 1
# The build system automatically updates the docs. Add them to the
# docs PR, if they exist.
if git add components/browser/${COMPONENT_NAME}/docs/ ; then
git commit --no-edit --amend
# Get token for using GitHub
python automation/taskcluster/helper/ \
-s project/mobile/github \
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ android {
// file from AAR dependencies of this project rather than look
// for it into the project directory.
ext.allowMetricsFromAAR = true
// Generate markdown docs for the collected Gecko metrics.
ext.gleanGenerateMarkdownDocs = true
dependencies {
implementation project(':concept-engine')
<!-- AUTOGENERATED BY glean_parser. DO NOT EDIT. -->
# Metrics
This document enumerates the metrics collected by this project.
This project may depend on other projects which also collect metrics.
This means you might have to go searching through the dependency tree to get a full picture of everything collected by this project.
Sorry about that.
# Pings
- [metrics](#metrics)
## metrics
This is a built-in ping that is assembled out of the box by the Glean SDK.
See the Glean SDK documentation for the [`metrics` ping](
The following metrics are added to the ping:
| Name | Type | Description | Data reviews | Extras | Expiration |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
| test.glean.geckoview.streaming |[timing_distribution]( |A test-only, disabled metric. This is required to guarantee that a `GleanGeckoHistogramMapping` is always generated, even though the GeckoView AAR exports no metric. Please note that the data-review field below contains no review, since this metric is disabled and not allowed to collect any data. |[1](||never |
<!-- AUTOGENERATED BY glean_parser. DO NOT EDIT. -->
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