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Fix component name in changelog

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......@@ -46,11 +46,11 @@ permalink: /changelog/
* **feature-media**
* Muted media will not start the media service anymore, causing no media notification to be shown and no audio focus getting requested.
* **feature-fullscreen**
* ⚠️ **This is a breaking change**: Added `viewportFitChanged` to support Android display cutouts.
* **feature-session**
* ⚠️ **This is a breaking change**: Added `viewportFitChanged` to `FullScreenFeature` for supporting Android display cutouts.
* **feature-qr**
* Moved `AutoFitTextureView` from `support-base` to `feature-qr`.
* **feature-qr**
* Moved `AutoFitTextureView` from `support-base` to `feature-qr`.
* **service-sync-logins**
* Adds fun `LoginsStorage.getPotentialDupesIgnoringUsername` for fetching list of potential duplicate logins from the underlying storage layer, ignoring username.
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