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Add changelog for Custom Tabs icon tinting

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* **feature-customtabs**
* Fixed an issue causing the `closeListener` to be invoked even when the current session isn't a Custom Tab.
* Fixed an issue with the image resources in the toolbar were not tinted when an app provided a light colour for the background.
* **support-base**
* Added `ViewBoundFeatureWrapper` for wrapping `LifecycleAwareFeature` references that will automatically be cleared if the provided `View` gets detached. This is helpful for fragments that want to keep a reference to a `LifecycleAwareFeature` (e.g. to be able call `onBackPressed()`) that itself has strong references to `View` objects. In cases where the fragment gets detached (e.g. to be added to the backstack) and the `View` gets detached (and destroyed) the wrapper will automatically stop the `LifecycleAwareFeature` and clear all references..
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