Commit fcbbe247 authored by Michael Comella's avatar Michael Comella Committed by Sebastian Kaspari
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Issue #651 - review: Add kdoc for PocketGlobalVideoRecommendation properties; Author.

parent b49c5afd
......@@ -6,6 +6,18 @@ package
* A recommended video as returned from the Pocket Global Video Recommendation endpoint v2.
* @property id a unique identifier for this recommendation.
* @property url a url to the video.
* @property tvURL a url to the video on pages formatted for TV form factors (e.g.
* @property title the title of the video.
* @property excerpt a summary of the video.
* @property domain the domain where the video appears, e.g. "".
* @property imageSrc a url to a still image representing the video.
* @property publishedTimestamp unknown: please ask for clarification if needed. This may be "0".
* @property sortId the index of this recommendation in the list which is sorted by date added to the API results.
* @property popularitySortId the index of this recommendation in the list if the list was sorted by popularity.
* @property authors the authors or publishers of this recommendation; unclear if this can be empty.
data class PocketGlobalVideoRecommendation(
val id: Int,
......@@ -21,6 +33,13 @@ data class PocketGlobalVideoRecommendation(
val authors: List<Author>
) {
* An author or publisher of a [PocketGlobalVideoRecommendation].
* @property id a unique identifier for this author.
* @property name the name of this author.
* @property url a url to the author's video content channel (e.g. a YouTube channel).
data class Author(
val id: String,
val name: String,
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