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      Update docs (20190919-121237) · c87798b2
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      Merge #4454 · 914091ce
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      4454: Enable calling the Glean SDK General API from Java r=Dexterp37 a=Dexterp37
      This changes the API in a few places:
      - adds `@JvmOverloads` to public methods in Glean that  have default arguments;
      - adds `@JvmOverloads` to the Configuration object's  public constructor.
      - moves the `channel` parameter of the configuration object  earlier in the function signature, to make it more convenient  to call.
      @pocmo does these changes make sense, or am I introducing footguns that might be obvious to you? I tested it by building locally and pointing FirefoxReality to that build, this seems to work. No compilation error, at least.
      @mdboom for a sanity check :)
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAlessio Placitelli <alessio.placitelli@gmail.com>
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