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    • Arturo Mejia's avatar
      Closes #5091: Fix clashing file providers in feature-prompts and · e2669721
      Arturo Mejia authored
    • Sebastian Kaspari's avatar
      Update changelog for 22.0.0 release. · f7af4804
      Sebastian Kaspari authored
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      Update docs (20191119-120718) · 7c8b55a7
      MickeyMoz authored
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      Closes #2229: Encrypted-at-rest FxA state storage support · 3061e01c
      Grisha Kruglov authored
      This patch adds a version of `AccountStorage` which is backed by an encrypted-at-rest shared-prefs implementation,
      `SecureAbove22Preferences`. As the name suggests, encryption at rest is enabled only for Android API levels 23+.
      Otherwise, plaintext storage is used. `SecureAbove22Preferences` will handle API level upgrades behind the scenes,
      if necessary.
      In order to support rolling this out, `SecureAbove22AccountStorage` automatically migrates account state if it was
      present in `SharedPrefAccountStorage`. And vice-versa, `SharedPrefAccountStorage` will automatically migrate account
      state if it was present in `SecureAbove22AccountStorage`. This allows applications to easily switch between two
      implementations, without any ill-effects.
      In order to monitor storage implementations for abnormalities (such as disappearing encryption keys), an optional
      `CrashReporter` instance may be configured now via FxaAccountManager.
      `DeviceConfig` gained a `secureStateAtRest` flag, which allows applications to specify if they'd like to encrypt
      account state. This config object isn't a perfect fit for this flag, but it's close enough conceptually.
  9. 18 Nov, 2019 3 commits
    • Grisha Kruglov's avatar
      FxA cleanup: remove authErrorRegistry · f5a67f39
      Grisha Kruglov authored
      The sole reason for authErrorRegistry was to expose an instance of FxaAccountManager
      to internal components which don't have direct access to it. The registry acted
      an internal singleton, but with a bunch of overhead and conceptual complexity around it.
      This patch simplifies this: it adds an actual singleton instead of the registry, with a
      simple API for components to call into if they encounter authentication errors.
      Behaviour of `handleFxaExceptions` also changed slightly, to reduce cognitive overhead:
      - instead of calling into an Async function on the observer, and ignoring the result,
      this API is now simply `suspend`, which allows us to reason about error handling within
      the FxA state machine terms of structured concurrency.
      Other cleanup involves marking an expensive OAuthAccount method as async, as well as some
      simplification of error handling in FirefoxAccount.
    • Tiger Oakes's avatar
      Add shortcut category to window feature · 875fa4ac
      Tiger Oakes authored
      Prevents "Open in private mode" option from appearing when opening a
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      Update docs (20191118-120838) · 7d847334
      MickeyMoz authored
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