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      Merge #7900 · 0fbcf316
      MozLando authored
      7900: For mozilla-mobile/fenix#8765: Add site item widget r=gabrielluong a=NotWoods
      `WidgetSiteItemView` is used to show a website inside bookmarks, history, collections, and other lists. Has the following API:
      - `iconView` getter to load favicons into the view
      - `setText(label, caption)` to set the text shown. If caption is null, the caption text view is hidden and the label is centered.
      - `addIconOverlay` inserts other views above the `iconView`, such as a checkmark.
      - `setSecondaryButton(icon, contentDescription, onClickListener)` will show an icon button with the given icon and content description. `onClickListener` is called when the button is clicked.
      - `removeSecondaryButton` hides the button if it was previously shown by `setSecondaryButton`.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarTiger Oakes <toakes@mozilla.com>