1. 14 May, 2020 3 commits
  2. 13 May, 2020 5 commits
  3. 12 May, 2020 5 commits
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      For #6907 - Adds Media.State to concept-tabstray · f14626b5
      Jeff Boek authored
      - Maps MediaState from BrowserState when creating the Tabs list
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      Update docs (20200512-120756) · 7afe1d36
      MickeyMoz authored
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      For #2930 - Different BrowserToolbar behaviors depending on gestures · ac7cb269
      Mugurell authored
      We'll now have a more in-depth understanding of user's gestures based on which
      we can trigger different BrowserToolbar behaviors depending on if the user is
      scrolling or zooming.
      The ConstraintLayout parent will still inform us about when the scroll begins
      and when the scroll ends but then actually incrementally updating the toolbar's
      translation will be done in response to GestureDetector callbacks.
      This also allows us to easily differentiate between horizontal and vertical
      scrolls and only react for the latter.
      If the user's gestures as inferred as zoom gestures (multi-finger scale or
      quick-scale) the toolbar should not be animated.
      This scenario is though affected by the fact that normally scroll gestures have
      a much higher sensitivity (a 1 pixel movement is enough for a gesture to be
      considered a scroll gesture) and so it is possible that even in the case of a
      desired zoom gesture the scroll callbacks will be fired first.
      When the gesture is identified as a zoom gesture we will immediately snap the
      toolbar up/down but there might be a minor visual glitch because of this.
      In an effort to reduce such races between scroll and zoom gestures I've lowered
      the sensitivity of the ScaleDetector, this having the other effect that
      multi-finger scrolls must now be more precise. Pinching while zooming will now
      more often mean a zoom gesture and not animate the toolbar.
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  13. 29 Apr, 2020 4 commits
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      Closes #6171: Simplify push error handling; reduce non-fatal reporting · cb03ee89
      Jonathan Almeida authored
      Based on the our crash reporting there are only a hand few of exceptions
      that are non-fatal. For the rest, we can simply notify the crash
       - Simplified state requirements for native invocation by replacing the
       `DeliveryManager.with` to an extension `PushConnection.ifInitialized`.
       - The new `CoroutineExceptionHandler` now notifies the crash reporter
       of fatal or unknown exceptions.
       - Moved extension functions to their equivalent files in an `.ext`
       - Added more tests to increase coverage. 🎉
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      Issue #5680: Deprecate URLStringUtils.isURLLikeStrict. · a95b8f64
      Michael Comella authored
      I want to remove this method and the expensive regex it relies on
      1. unused code should generally be removed because it's more likely to
      2. if the APIs exist and fulfill someone's needs, they'll use them.
      However, if they had to write their own, they may be able to come up
      with a simpler, alternative implementation that would better fit their
      needs and, in this case, be much more performant.
      3. On a mobile device with limited battery, we shouldn't be
      unnecessarily compiling a regex for a second or more if it's not
      necessary, especially if a simpler implementation is viable
      4. This hard-coded list of TLDs (from 2015) is already out-of-date and
      liable to cause problems: more TLDs are getting all the time so, if
      keeping a hard-coded list of TLDs is actually a need, we should find an
      alternative implementation that lends itself to getting frequent updates
      like our public suffix list
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      Update docs (20200429-120938) · bc865861
      MickeyMoz authored