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    Modify build system · 3f45aab1
    Georg Koppen authored
    Bug 40083: Make locale ordering in BuildConfig deterministic
    Bug 40042: Add option do overwrite timestamp in extension version
    Bug 40059: Use MOZ_BUILD_DATE for versionCode
    At the same time we adapt MOZ_BUILD_DATE to our needs where it is
    actually used and not in tor-browser-build. This gives us more
    flexibility. See: tor-browser-build#40084.
    Bug 40067: Fix reproducibility issue in classes2.dex
    We make sure our MOZ_BUILD_DATE gets used as a source for showing date
    related information on the Fenix about page.
    Bug 40071: Show only supported locales
    Bug 40064: Use Gecko Beta for Nightly and Debug variants
    Bug 40123: Allow building the instrumented tests apks for variants other than debug
    This allows to specify the variant of the instrumented tests via
    a `testBuildType` gradle argument. It also applies a workaround for
    a R8 issue from https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/140851070.
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