Commit 33616e00 authored by ValentinTimisica's avatar ValentinTimisica Committed by Jeff Boek
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For #8172: Add a new "Fenix" Leanplum attribute

parent 9bac7ef4
......@@ -94,7 +94,8 @@ class LeanplumMetricsService(private val application: Application) : MetricsServ
"klar_installed" to installedApps.contains(MozillaProductDetector.MozillaProducts.KLAR.productName),
"fxa_signed_in" to application.settings().fxaSignedIn,
"fxa_has_synced_items" to application.settings().fxaHasSyncedItems,
"search_widget_installed" to application.settings().searchWidgetInstalled
"search_widget_installed" to application.settings().searchWidgetInstalled,
"fenix" to true
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