Commit 5cc1ea95 authored by Mozilla L10n Automation Bot's avatar Mozilla L10n Automation Bot Committed by Emily Kager
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......@@ -1056,6 +1056,9 @@
<!-- Title for Accessibility Force Enable Zoom Preference -->
<string name="preference_accessibility_force_enable_zoom">Zoom su tutti i siti web</string>
<!-- Summary for Accessibility Force Enable Zoom Preference -->
<string name="preference_accessibility_force_enable_zoom_summary">Attiva per consentire la funzione “Pizzica per lo zoom“, anche sui siti web che impediscono questo gesto.</string>
<!-- Title of the Add search engine screen -->
<string name="search_engine_add_custom_search_engine_title">Aggiungi motore di ricerca</string>
<!-- Title of the Edit search engine screen -->
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