Commit 60a97e66 authored by Jeff Boek's avatar Jeff Boek
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For #4674 - Pre lands strings for marketing data collection toggle

parent 17d7928c
......@@ -318,6 +318,10 @@
<string name="preference_usage_data">Usage and technical data</string>
<!-- Preference description for usage and technical data collection -->
<string name="preferences_usage_data_description">Shares performance, usage, hardware and customization data about your browser with Mozilla to help us make %1$s better</string>
<!-- Preference switch for marketing data collection -->
<string name="preferences_marketing_data">Marketing data</string>
<!-- Preference description for marketing data collection, parameter is the app name (e.g. Firefox) -->
<string name="preferences_marketing_data_description">Shares data about what features you use in %1$s with Leanplum, our mobile marketing vendor.</string>
<!-- Title for experiments preferences -->
<string name="preference_experiments">Experiments</string>
<!-- Summary for experiments preferences -->
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