Verified Commit 96a20e62 authored by aguestuser's avatar aguestuser
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Disable all telemetry "brutally"

parent 21ca451f
......@@ -151,10 +151,7 @@ internal class ReleaseMetricController(
private fun isInitialized(type: MetricServiceType): Boolean = initialized.contains(type)
private fun isTelemetryEnabled(type: MetricServiceType): Boolean = when (type) {
MetricServiceType.Data -> isDataTelemetryEnabled()
MetricServiceType.Marketing -> isMarketingDataTelemetryEnabled()
private fun isTelemetryEnabled(@Suppress("UNUSED_PARAMETER") type: MetricServiceType): Boolean = false
@Suppress("LongMethod", "MaxLineLength")
private fun Fact.toEvent(): Event? = when {
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