Commit 9adc6177 authored by Emily Kager's avatar Emily Kager Committed by Emily Kager
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For #8358 - Make sure we don't cancel toolbar editing more than once

parent 9eb5fb5a
......@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ class ToolbarView(
private var isInitialized = false
private var hasBeenCanceled = false
init {
view.apply {
......@@ -120,7 +121,10 @@ class ToolbarView(
setOnEditListener(object : mozilla.components.concept.toolbar.Toolbar.OnEditListener {
override fun onCancelEditing(): Boolean {
// For some reason, this can be triggered twice on one back press. This only leads to
// navigateUp, so let's make sure we only call it once
if (!hasBeenCanceled) interactor.onEditingCanceled()
hasBeenCanceled = true
// We need to return false to not show display mode
return false
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