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Commit a8fd3774 authored by Kainalu Hagiwara's avatar Kainalu Hagiwara
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For #13066 - Translate locale codes to Android specific variants before filtering

parent d5b10509
......@@ -11,11 +11,21 @@ import re
OPEN_LOCALES = "locales = ["
# Android uses non-standard locale codes, these are the mappings back and forth
# See Legacy language codes in
'he': 'iw',
'id': 'in',
'yi': 'ji'
def trim_to_locale(str):
match ='\s*"([a-z]+-?[A-Z]*)",\s*', str)
if not match:
raise Exception("Failed parsing locale found in l10n.toml: " + str)
locale =
return ANDROID_LEGACY_MAP.get(locale, locale)
# This file is a dumb parser that converts values from '/l10n-release.toml' to be easily
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