Unverified Commit b97c737a authored by alexandru-io's avatar alexandru-io Committed by GitHub
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Bug 1674442 - Add a "visual-metrics" tag to the browsertime visual-metrics data (#17900)

Co-authored-by: default avatarAlex Ionescu <aionescu@mozilla.com>
parent 3311e68d
......@@ -171,7 +171,12 @@ def append_result(log, suites, test_name, name, result, extra_options):
subtests = suites.setdefault(
{"name": orig_test_name, "subtests": {}, "extraOptions": extra_options},
"name": orig_test_name,
"tags": extra_options + ["visual"],
"subtests": {},
"extraOptions": extra_options,
if name not in subtests:
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