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......@@ -1014,7 +1014,7 @@
<!-- Text shown in snackbar action for viewing bookmarks -->
<string name="snackbar_message_bookmarks_view">Bibîne</string>
<!-- Text shown in snackbar when user adds a site to top sites -->
<string name="snackbar_added_to_top_sites">Tevlî malperên favorî bû!</string>
<string name="snackbar_added_to_top_sites">Tevlî malperên sereke bû!</string>
<!-- Text shown in snackbar when user closes a private tab -->
<string name="snackbar_private_tab_closed">Hilpekîna veşartî hate girtin</string>
<!-- Text shown in snackbar when user closes all private tabs -->
......@@ -1604,7 +1604,7 @@
<!-- Bookmark deletion confirmation -->
<string name="bookmark_deletion_confirmation">Tu ji dil dixwazî vê favoriyê jê bibî?</string>
<!-- Browser menu button that adds a top site to the home fragment -->
<string name="browser_menu_add_to_top_sites">Tevlî malperên favorî bike</string>
<string name="browser_menu_add_to_top_sites">Tevlî malperên sereke bike</string>
<!-- text shown before the issuer name to indicate who its verified by, parameter is the name of
the certificate authority that verified the ticket-->
<string name="certificate_info_verified_by">Piştrastkirin ji aliyê: %1$s</string>
......@@ -1658,10 +1658,10 @@
<!-- Top Sites -->
<!-- Title text displayed in the dialog when top sites limit is reached. -->
<string name="top_sites_max_limit_title">Gihîşte sînorê malperên favorî</string>
<string name="top_sites_max_limit_title">Gihîşte sînorê malperên sereke</string>
<!-- Content description text displayed in the dialog when top sites limit is reached. -->
<string name="top_sites_max_limit_content_2">Ji bo malpereke din ya sereke lê zêde bikî, yekê jê bibe.Malperê bipelîne û li ser bigire û rakirinê hilbijêre.</string>
<string name="top_sites_max_limit_content_2">Ji bo malpereke din a sereke lê zêde bikî, yekê jê bibe. Li malperê bitikîne û li ser bihêle piştre rakirinê hilbijêre.</string>
<!-- Confirmation dialog button text when top sites limit is reached. -->
<string name="top_sites_max_limit_confirmation_button">Baş e</string>
<!-- Label for the show most visited sites preference -->
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