Commit e8612002 authored by Severin Rudie's avatar Severin Rudie Committed by Sebastian Kaspari
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For #9091: fix test failure

parent 709bf6f6
......@@ -5,16 +5,20 @@
package org.mozilla.fenix.components
import android.content.Context
import io.mockk.every
import io.mockk.mockk
import mozilla.components.browser.engine.gecko.GeckoEngine
import mozilla.components.browser.session.SessionManager
import mozilla.components.concept.engine.Engine
import mozilla.components.concept.engine.Settings
import mozilla.components.concept.fetch.Client
import mozilla.components.feature.pwa.WebAppShortcutManager
class TestCore(context: Context) : Core(context) {
override val engine = mockk<GeckoEngine>(relaxed = true)
override val engine = mockk<Engine>(relaxed = true) {
every { this@mockk getProperty "settings" } returns mockk<Settings>()
override val sessionManager = SessionManager(engine)
override val store = mockk<BrowserStore>()
override val client = mockk<Client>()
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