1. 14 Nov, 2019 4 commits
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  3. 12 Nov, 2019 6 commits
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      For #5586 - Adds Logins Telemetry (#6352) · cc318021
      Emily Kager authored
      * For #5586 - Adds Logins Telemetry
      * Adds Logins Sync Telemetry to PreferenceToggled event
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      For #4487 Set activity title only once in Bookmark fragment · f6a66562
      mcarare authored
      Removed label from nav_graph that caused label to be set for each navigation
      Removed title setting in onCreate() called for each navigation
      Changed logic for checking current root when setting UI for normal mode
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      No issue: Do not prevent trackers duplication in the tracking · 0275ca06
      Arturo Mejia authored
       protection panel.
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      4281 remove qab (#6310) · 6909a76b
      Severin Rudie authored
      * For #4281: small ToolbarMenu refactor
      This makes it easier to see how items are ordered in the menuItems list
      * For 4281: add QAB buttons to menu
      * For 4281: removed menu back button per mocks
      I double checked with UX, and we'll be relying on the hardware back button for its functionality
      * For 4281: add content descriptions for bookmarking
      * For 4281: updated BrowserToolbarController for new functionality
      * For 4281: provided simple dependencies to browser controller
      More complex changes will be in a following commit, for review readability
      * For 4281: move toolbar controller dependencies up to BaseBrowserFragment
      The functionality they control is being moved into the toolbar menu, which is shared by both normal tabs and custom ones
      * For 4281: removed (now unused) code related to QAB
      * For 4281: fix test compilation after QAB removal
      Tests still need to be expanded to include added functionality
      * For 4281: updated menu to show if url is bookmarked
      This sloppy workaround is required because TwoStateButton requires that `isInPrimaryState` be a synchronous call, and checking whether or not the current site is bookmarked is quite slow (10-50 MS, in my tests).  After days of work and many attempted solutions, this was the least abhorrent among them.
      https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/android-components/issues/4915 was opened against AC to evaluate potentially supporting async `isInPrimaryState` functions.
      https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/6370 was opened against Fenix to investigate the unexpectedly slow call to `BookmarkStorage`.
      * For 4281: update reader mode switch
      * For 4281: selectively show/hide menu items
      * For 4281: add reader mode appearance
      * For 4281: update bookmark button when it is clicked
      * For 4281: removed unused QAB code
      * For 4281: removed QAB robot, updated UI tests
      * For 4281: removed QuickActionSheet metrics
      Since this behavior now lives in the toolbar, it is tracked via Event.BrowserMenuItemTapped
      * For 4281: fixed lint errors
      * For 4281: add new strings for buttons added to menu
      This is necessary because the location change (from QAB to toolbar menu) could affect the grammar in some languages
      * For 4281: remove outdated TODOs
      * For 4281: removed QAB container
      * For 4281: removed back button reference from UI test
      This button no longer exists
      * For 4821: Fixes a visual defect (extra padding on top of toolbar)
      * For 4281: update copy on reader mode
      * For 4281: fixed review nits
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