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      Bug 40025: Use hard link to prepare input_files · c700693b
      boklm authored
      When using remote_exec, we collect input_files in a temporary directory,
      before copying them to the "remote" (for example a container). As we
      don't normally modify the files inside this temporary directory, it is
      safe to use hard link rather than copies of the files.
      When remote_exec is not used, we don't use hard links by default, but
      link_input_files can be set to 1 to use hard links.
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      Bug 33991: Remove unused features · 777bab01
      boklm authored
      For simplification, we remove some unused features. Those features can
      still be reimplemented externally if needed.
      For example, the "rbm rpm" command can be replaced with
      "rbm build --step rpm" and a definition of an rpm step in rbm.conf.
      We remove the following options:
       - version_command
       - rpm
       - rpmbuild
       - srpm
       - rpmspec
       - rpm_rel
       - debian_create
       - deb
       - deb_src
       - use_pbuilder
       - debian_revision
      And the following commands:
       - rpmspec
       - rpm
       - srpm
       - deb-src
       - deb
       - pkg
       - publish
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      Bug 33289: Optimize the get_target function · dab4ae35
      boklm authored
      We also change the behavior of the function: we stop looking after the
      first definition of a target. This means for example that if a target is
      defined as an array in rbm.conf, and also defined as a hash in the
      project's config, then the definition from rbm.conf will be ignored.
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      Bug 33990: Initialize step in non-build commands · 18b396fb
      boklm authored
      When using the build command, step gets initialized to 'build'. However
      this was not done in some of the other non-build commands where the
      value of step was left to rbm_init.
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      Bug 27265: fix output_dir value in sub-projects · 03d53fcb
      boklm authored
      In the build_pkg call in input_files, we were setting the output_dir
      option to the project's directory, causing this directory to be
      incorrectly used as the output directory in some cases. But there is no
      need to set output_dir at this point, so we can just remove it.
      We also introduce a new feature allowing to set options for the current
      project but not for the child projects listed in `input_files`. By
      default the options are applied recursively to all projects. If some
      options are defined under `norec/` then they are only applied on the
      current project.
      We use this feature in two places where we were setting the output_dir,
      which removes the need to reset it in two places.
      At the same time, we fix the `urlget()` call in input_files which was
      incorrectly ignoring options.
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      Bug 29572: Update the test before running git checkout --detach · 70d1ff3e
      boklm authored
      The reason we don't run |git checkout --detach| in all cases is that it
      fails when we cloned a repository without a master branch. To avoid
      running it in this case, we were checking if HEAD is pointing to a
      branch which has a corresponding file in the .git directory.
      However it seems there are other cases where HEAD is pointing to a
      branch which does not have a corresponding file in the .git directory.
      Instead we now check that |git rev-parse --verify HEAD| does not return
      an error, in which case we assume that |git checkout --detach| will not
      produce an error too.
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  33. 26 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      Bug 28466: fix issue with git submodule URL changes · eb500fa9
      boklm authored
      We replace a call to:
        git submodule update --init
      with calls to:
        git submodule init
        git submodule sync
        git submodule update
      The call to `git submodule sync` is solving the issue that could occur
      when a submodule URL is changing.
  34. 09 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      Bug 25746: fix git_submodule option with submodule in subdirectory · 8adbc46d
      boklm authored
      To create an archive containing all submodules, we were creating a
      temporary archive of each submodule before appending them to the main
      archive. We were using the submodule path in the temporary archive
      filename, which was failing if the submodule is in a subdirectory.
      To avoid that, we are removing the path from the temporary archive's
      filename and directly appending it to the main archive.