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Bug 40414: Add tools/signing/dmg2mar

parent ed8709b2
# This script runs `make dmg2mar-release` or `make dmg2mar-alpha`, after
# moving the signed dmg files from the $tbb_version-macos-signed directory
# to the normal signed directory.
# It should be run after `gatekeeper-bundling.sh`.
set -e
script_dir=$( cd -- "$( dirname -- "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" &> /dev/null && pwd )
source "$script_dir/functions"
cd "$script_dir/../.."
version=$(./rbm/rbm showconf tor-browser --target alpha --target torbrowser-linux-x86_64 var/torbrowser_version)
test "$version" = "$tbb_version" || \
exit_error "Incorrect tor browser version: $version != $tbb_version"
test -d "$macos_signed_dir" || \
exit_error "$macos_signed_dir does not exist"
nb_locales=$(echo $bundle_locales | wc -w)
nb_bundles=$(ls -1 "$macos_signed_dir"/TorBrowser-*.dmg | wc -l)
test "$nb_locales" -eq "$nb_bundles" || \
exit_error "Wrong number of bundles: $nb_locales != $nb_bundles"
mv -vf "$macos_signed_dir"/TorBrowser-*.dmg "$signed_version_dir"/
make dmg2mar-$tbb_version_type
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