Verified Commit 1e53c8a9 authored by Pier Angelo Vendrame's avatar Pier Angelo Vendrame
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Bug 40033: Use Python 2 for the test virtual environment

parent 0167631f
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ if ($OSNAME eq 'cygwin') {
unless (-d $virtenv_marionette_dir) {
run($virtualenv_cmd, $virtenv_marionette_dir);
run($virtualenv_cmd, $virtenv_marionette_dir, '-p', 'python2');
# upgrade pip and setuptools
run("$virtenv_marionette_dir/$bin/pip", 'install', '--upgrade', 'pip');
run("$virtenv_marionette_dir/$bin/pip", 'install', '--upgrade', 'setuptools');
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