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Don't use the marionette --workspace option on Windows

When using this options, some tests fail with "No such file or
directory" errors on Windows.
parent 3f00e940
...@@ -759,7 +759,7 @@ sub marionette_run { ...@@ -759,7 +759,7 @@ sub marionette_run {
'--log-html', winpath($result_file_html), '--log-html', winpath($result_file_html),
'--binary', ffbin_path($tbbinfos, $test), '--binary', ffbin_path($tbbinfos, $test),
'--profile', winpath($tbbinfos->{ffprofiledir}), '--profile', winpath($tbbinfos->{ffprofiledir}),
'--workspace', winpath($test->{workspace}), $OSNAME eq 'cygwin' ? () : ('--workspace', $test->{workspace}),
winpath("$FindBin::Bin/marionette/tor_browser_tests/test_${marionette_test}.py")); winpath("$FindBin::Bin/marionette/tor_browser_tests/test_${marionette_test}.py"));
$ENV{PYTHONPATH} = $pypath; $ENV{PYTHONPATH} = $pypath;
my @txt_log = read_file($result_file_txt); my @txt_log = read_file($result_file_txt);
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