Unverified Commit 2ce05932 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Bug 28657: Remove broken FTE bridge from fte test

parent 7b1e23e0
......@@ -4,5 +4,4 @@ UseBridges 1
Bridge fte A17A40775FBD2CA1184BF80BFC330A77ECF9D0E9
Bridge fte 0E858AC201BF0F3FA3C462F64844CBFFC7297A42
Bridge fte FC562097E1951DCC41B7D7F324D88157119BB56D
Bridge fte 1E326AAFB3FCB515015250D8FCCC8E37F91A153B
ClientTransportPlugin fte exec [% tbbinfos.ptdir %]/fteproxy.bin --managed
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