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Unverified Commit 32c2c0f7 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Add a cert_override.txt file

To allow access to without a
parent f85a93ae
......@@ -617,6 +617,8 @@ sub pre_tests {
chdir $tbbinfos->{tbbdir} || exit_error "Can't enter directory $tbbinfos->{tbbdir}";
copy "$FindBin::Bin/data/cert_override.txt",
$ENV{TOR_SOCKS_PORT} = $options->{'tor-socks-port'};
$ENV{TOR_CONTROL_PORT} = $options->{'tor-control-port'};
# PSM Certificate Override Settings file
# This is a generated file! Do not edit. OID.2.16.840. 98:85:C7:85:03:9A:40:65:67:B8:0E:95:0F:6B:88:D2:B2:F0:7E:B0:1C:E6:B8:D9:53:0C:12:5D:B6:26:48:DB U AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJAAAAKQDUM3wXdgrogzAnMSUwIwYDVQQDDBx0ZXN0LWRhdGEu dGJiLnRvcnByb2plY3Qub3Jn
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