Unverified Commit 45a90444 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Add a setup script

A script which should have been added by commit ff092f6c.
parent 79d10ad8
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use FindBin;
use IO::CaptureOutput qw(qxx);
my $virtenv = "$FindBin::Bin/virtualenv";
my $pip = "$virtenv/bin/pip";
sub run {
system(@_) == 0 || die "Error running " . join(' ', @_);
sub pip_install {
my ($pkg) = @_;
my ($output) = qxx($pip, 'show', $pkg);
run($pip, 'install', $pkg) unless $output;
run('virtualenv', $virtenv) unless -d $virtenv;
for my $pkg (qw(selenium mozmill)) {
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