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Commit 7b3991c9 authored by Alex Catarineu's avatar Alex Catarineu

Fix several bridge tests

parent a0566701
[% INCLUDE main_config %]
ClientTransportPlugin meek exec [% tbbinfos.ptdir %]/meek-client-torbrowser -- [% tbbinfos.ptdir %]/meek-client
ClientTransportPlugin meek_lite exec [% tbbinfos.ptdir %]/obfs4proxy
[% INCLUDE main_config %]
UseBridges 1
[% INCLUDE meek_config %]
UseBridges 1
Bridge meek 97700DFE9F483596DDA6264C4D7DF7641E1E39CE url=
Bridge meek_lite 97700DFE9F483596DDA6264C4D7DF7641E1E39CE url=
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