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packages: add mbox rpm package

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git_url: https://github.com/tsgates/mbox
git_hash: d06f6e7a659dec5ca89fcd5af73bb9588f96e29a
version: 0
Name: mbox
Version: [% c('version') %]
Release: [% c('rpm_rel') %]%{?dist}
Summary: A lightweight sandboxing mechanism that can be used without special privileges
License: BSD
URL: http://pdos.csail.mit.edu/mbox/
Source0: mbox-%{version}.tar.xz
BuildRequires: openssl-devel
Mbox introduces a novel sandbox usage model; when executing a program
in the sandbox, Mbox prevents programs from modifying the host filesystem
while giving them the impression that they are in fact making those
modifications. Mbox achieves this by providing a layered sandbox
filesystem and by interposing on system calls with ptrace and seccomp/BPF.
At the end of program execution, the user can examine changes in the
sandbox filesystem, and selectively commit them back to the host filesystem.
%setup -q
cd src
cp {.,}configsbox.h
make %{?_smp_mflags}
cd src
%doc doc/paper.pdf doc/slides.pdf doc/NOTE.web
compress_tar: xz
output_dir: "out/[% project %]"
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