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Allow defining the mozmill file separatly from the test name

This will allow us to use the same mozmill file for multiple tests.
parent 4a862168
......@@ -439,9 +439,10 @@ sub mozmill_run {
my $screenshots_tmp = File::Temp::newdir('XXXXXX', DIR => $options->{tmpdir});
$ENV{'MOZMILL_SCREENSHOTS'} = winpath($screenshots_tmp);
my $results_file = "$tbbinfos->{'results-dir'}/$test->{name}.json";
my $mozmill_test = $test->{mozmill_test} // $test->{name};
system(xvfb_run($test), mozmill_cmd(), '-b', ffbin_path($tbbinfos, $test),
'-p', winpath($tbbinfos->{ffprofiledir}),
'-t', winpath("$FindBin::Bin/mozmill-tests/tbb-tests/$test->{name}.js"),
'-t', winpath("$FindBin::Bin/mozmill-tests/tbb-tests/$mozmill_test.js"),
'--report', 'file://' . winpath($results_file));
my $i = 0;
for my $screenshot_file (reverse sort glob "$screenshots_tmp/*.png") {
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ To add a new test based on mozmill, you will add something like this in
The mozmill test files are stored in the directory
'mozmill/mozmill-tests/tbb-tests/'. The name of the file is the name
of the test with '.js' at the end.
of the test with '.js' at the end, unless mozmill_test is defined, in
which case it is used instead of the name.
Adding a selenium test
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