Unverified Commit 9b3531c0 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Fix extraction of Windows bundle with some versions of 7z

With some versions of 7z, the bundle is not extracted in an "$_OUTDIR"
parent 6ff52990
......@@ -531,7 +531,11 @@ sub extract_tbb {
copy($tbbfile, "$tmpdir/$f");
system('7z', 'x', $f);
$tbbinfos->{tbbdir} = "$tmpdir/torbrowser/Browser";
move("$tmpdir/\$_OUTDIR", "$tmpdir/torbrowser");
move("$tmpdir/\$_OUTDIR", "$tmpdir/torbrowser") if -d "$tmpdir/\$_OUTDIR";
if (-d "$tmpdir/Browser") {
mkdir "$tmpdir/torbrowser";
move("$tmpdir/Browser", "$tmpdir/torbrowser/Browser");
move ("$tmpdir/Start Tor Browser.exe", "$tmpdir/torbrowser/");
} elsif ($tbbinfos->{os} eq 'MacOSX') {
my $mountpoint = File::Temp::newdir('XXXXXX', DIR => $options->{tmpdir});
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