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Commit b44d95b1 authored by Alex Catarineu's avatar Alex Catarineu

Fix download_pdf test

parent eae32026
......@@ -485,8 +485,6 @@ our @tests = (
type => 'marionette',
descr => 'Check if download of PDF is working (#19402)',
use_net => 1,
# Bug 30333: temporarily disable test
enable => sub { undef },
name => 'pinning_now',
from marionette_driver import By, Actions
from marionette_driver.errors import MarionetteException, JavascriptException
from marionette_harness import MarionetteTestCase
import testsuite
......@@ -19,31 +16,10 @@ class Test(MarionetteTestCase):
def test_download_pdf(self):
m = self.marionette
m.set_window_size(1024, 300)
with m.using_context('content'):
current_window = m.current_chrome_window_handle
download_button = m.find_element('id', 'download')
action = Actions(m)
closed_window = 0
with m.using_context('chrome'):
for window in m.chrome_window_handles:
if window != current_window:
info_msg = m.find_element('id', 'info.body')
self.assertRegexpMatches(info_msg.text, 'Tails',
msg='Pop up window text does not include Tails')
closed_window += 1
self.assertEqual(closed_window, 1, msg="no download pop up")
m.set_window_rect(width=1024, height=300)
download_button = m.find_element('id', 'download').click()
self.assertEqual(len(m.chrome_window_handles), 2, msg="Number of windows not correct")
dialog = m.switch_to_alert()
self.assertRegexpMatches(dialog.text, 'Tails',
msg='Pop up window text does not include Tails')
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