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Unverified Commit bc1377c3 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Set extensions.torbutton.prompted_language pref

In order to avoid language selection prompt. Before #18019 it was only
shown when opening a new tab. Now it is shown when loading a page.
parent f4dad759
......@@ -693,6 +693,10 @@ sub pre_tests {
$tbbinfos->{sha256sum} //= sha256_hex(read_file($tbbinfos->{tbbfile}));
my $prefs_file = "$tbbinfos->{ffprofiledir}/preferences/extension-overrides.js";
open(my $prefs_fh, '>>', $prefs_file);
print $prefs_fh 'pref("extensions.torbutton.prompted_language", true);', "\n";
close $prefs_fh;
chdir $tbbinfos->{tbbdir} || exit_error "Can't enter directory $tbbinfos->{tbbdir}";
copy "$FindBin::Bin/data/cert_override.txt",
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