Commit bdf07da6 authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen
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Bug 11236: Test that we have Startpage selected

We test that we have Startpage as our default search engine. Ideally,
we'd test that DuckDuckGo and Google are on the second respectively
third place as well. But that part is missing yet.
parent ecddd0d1
...@@ -255,6 +255,12 @@ our @tests = ( ...@@ -255,6 +255,12 @@ our @tests = (
type => 'mozmill', type => 'mozmill',
descr => 'Check that the Resource Timing API is really disabled', descr => 'Check that the Resource Timing API is really disabled',
}, },
name => 'searchengines',
type => 'mozmill',
descr => 'Check that we have the default search engines set',
{ {
name => 'fp_screen_dimensions', name => 'fp_screen_dimensions',
type => 'selenium', type => 'selenium',
// This test checks whether the top three search engines are in the right order
// in the upper right search box. This has been an issue as search engine names
// got translated, too, leading to the browser not recognizing them anymore.
// This in turn led to wrong default search engines (see bug 11236 for details).
// We are not testing whether some prefs are set properly as this can be the
// case while the search engines are still not properly ordered. Rather, we
// check the entries in the search box directly.
"use strict";
var {expect} = require("../mozilla-mozmill-tests/lib/assertions");
var common = require("../lib/common");
var setupModule = function(aModule) {
aModule.controller = mozmill.getBrowserController();
var testSearchEngines = function () {
let searchbar = controller.window.document.getElementById("searchbar");
// Do we have Startpage as default search engine?
let searchbarTextbox = controller.window.document.
getAnonymousElementByAttribute(searchbar, "anonid", "searchbar-textbox");
expect.match(searchbarTextbox.label, /Startpage/,
"Startpage is not the default search engine!");
// XXX: Test whether the second and third engine are the ones we want as well.
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