Unverified Commit e381b6cc authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Update tor-browser-build.git URL and branch

parent 3a7e2c82
......@@ -136,10 +136,10 @@ sub pre_tests {
my ($tbbinfos) = @_;
my $gr = TBBTestSuite::GitRepo->new({
name => 'tor-browser-build',
git_url => 'https://git.torproject.org/user/boklm/tor-browser-build.git',
git_url => 'https://git.torproject.org/builders/tor-browser-build.git',
$gr->cmd('git', 'checkout', 'dev');
$gr->cmd('git', 'checkout', 'master');
chdir $gr->clone_dir();
system('make', 'submodule-update');
system('make', 'fetch');
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