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Bug 40021: Archive old nightly builds on tb-build-01

parent 308a0861
set -e
today_version=$(date '+tbb-nightly.%Y.%m.%d')
cd /home/tb-builder/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite
export RBM_NO_DEBUG=1
./tbb-testsuite "$@"
/home/tb-builder/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite/clones/tor-browser-build/tools/prune-old-builds --days 1 --weeks 0 --months 0 ~/nightly-builds/tor-browser-builds
# Archive today's build
if ! test -d "$archive_dir"
mkdir -p "$archive_dir"
for dir in ~/nightly-builds/tor-browser-builds/"$today_version"/*
test -d "$dir" || continue
dname=$archive_dir/$(basename "$dir")
mkdir -p "$dname"
test -d "$dir/logs" && cp -a "$dir/logs" "$dname"
find "$dir" -maxdepth 1 \( \
-name '*.txt' \
-o -name '*.asc' \
-o -name 'torbrowser-install-*_en-US.exe' \
-o -name 'TorBrowser-*_en-US.dmg' \
-o -name 'tor-browser-linux*_en-US.tar.xz' \
-o -name '*-multi-qa.apk' \
\) \
-a -execdir cp -a {} "$dname" \;
/home/tb-builder/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite/clones/tor-browser-build/tools/prune-old-builds --days 100 --weeks 30 --months 12 ~/tor-browser-builds-archive
# Only clean previous builds if we use more than 20GB
builds_size=$(du -s ~/nightly-builds/tor-browser-builds | cut -f 1)
test "$builds_size" -gt 20000000 && \
/home/tb-builder/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite/clones/tor-browser-build/tools/prune-old-builds --days 1 --weeks 0 --months 0 ~/nightly-builds/tor-browser-builds
# sleep for 5m to give time to previous rsync to finish
sleep 5m
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