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Bug 16444: Update audit process for Firefox ESR

The GENERAL document contains notes about a new procedure for reviewing
new features in Firefox releases for the next ESR Tor Browser will be
based on. The document is named GENERAL as we might want to describe
other parts of the audit process at some point, too, making this a proper
documentation of the audit process itself.
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Preparing the switch to a new Firefox ESR begins usually as soon as it lands on
Mozilla's beta or release channel. This means for us we have 12 to 18 weeks to
prepare a Tor Browser release based on it. This includes adapting our Gitian
setup, rebasing and testing our old patches, auditing the network code,
reviewing new features and modifying them to fit our needs, testing them in at
least one alpha release etc.
While there are things that are tricky to do without additional overhead before
a new ESR got out, reviewing new features, prioritizing them and filing tickets
is not necessarily one of those.
Feature review process
To illustrate the workflow of the feature review process let's assume we just
got Tor Browser based on Firefox ESR 38 out of the door. Mozilla released
Firefox 40 meanwhile. One of the Tor Browser team members is catching up on the
Firefox for developers documentation for version 39 and 40 and is filing bugs
with the "ff45-esr" tag. Reviewing the developer documentation and filing
respective bugs is happening successively after Firefox 41-44 get out as well.
This procedure is covering the most important and most difficult to patch things
and should therefore be enough for the first pass. As a bonus point we might
even get hints about possible problems with code already in the ESR 38 series
this way which would allow us acting quicker in fixing those issues in our
stable series.
When we finally start preparations for the switch to ESR 45 we basically have
all the ff45-esr tickets filed, and ideally prioritized, which are resulting
out of Firefox 39-44 reviews. The only remaining tasks for the feature review
are: taking care of ESR 45 and double-checking the undocumented bugs and the
ones with milestone Firefox39-45.
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