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Update FF84 audit

parent bd1b9be7
`git diff 1cb2c4893850a5b0a246f821a6390c07064c1227 7969cebe593fccee033e8533482d4cb3e084d1d8`
`git diff 1cb2c4893850a5b0a246f821a6390c07064c1227 2a47450172493d64c311336281c1860802b3c9fc`
and then go over all the changes containing the
below mentioned potentially dangerous calls and features. Grep the diff for
the following strings and examine surrounding usage.
......@@ -146,14 +146,14 @@ End: 6a234c2b1e1972f11e585551d4cf2e40e84bf16f # v67.0.0
============ Android Components Portion =============
Start: 0a2993d44aae3d877bb97cee925096f83af01b3a # v63.0.8
End: 50435d74a958ad964dd177953a4d15fb0e86bbf8 # v67.0.11
End: 2095f1a5d0ed42c3680aa8582934ea2739ff02c9 # v67.0.17
# FF84: Zero new usage found of known proxy-bypass APIs (using `java_audit.sh`)
============ Fenix Portion =============
Start: 5441935698f4d9e3606f3d6baf892f6e0106a2f6 # v83.1.0-rc.1
End: dc3f8958efa103a411f54667f1360fc69bb3208e # v84.1.0
End: 2d1e15692ebe5ec697abdeacaa332f25ce406a3b # v84.1.4
# FF84: Zero new usage found of known proxy-bypass APIs (using `java_audit.sh`)
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