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Bug 21249: Update release process documentation

We add instructions covering our signing procedures
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......@@ -70,29 +70,68 @@
# For stable releases put into Cc
#. Code Sign the OS X dmg files:
# XXX: Document
torsocks ssh mac-signer "mkdir $TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.dmg mac-signer:$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
torsocks ssh mac-signer
# Unlock the keychain and then...
# Sign the bundles
# Check that it worked
tar xf torbrowser-$TORBROWSER_VERSION-osx_zh-CN-signed.tar.bz2
spctl -a -t exec -vv
rm -rf
torsocks rsync -avP mac-signer:$TORBROWSER_VERSION/*.bz2 .
#. Regenerate OS X MAR files from code signed dmg files
# XXX Go to your directory prepared for recreating the .dmg files and containing
# the uploaded .bz2 files
rsync -avP *.dmg $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/
# The code signed dmg files should be in the $TORBROWSER_VERSION directory
# Install a recent p7zip version (see ../tools/dmg2mar for instructions)
make dmg2mars # or dmg2mars-alpha
#. Sign the MAR update files
# First, copy the torbrowser tree to removable storage:
rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/../../../ /media/storage/TBB/
# Then, remove storage, attach to offline computer that houses TBB signing key.
# Run the following from that rsync'ed removable storage dir:
# First, copy the torbrowser tree to the signing machine:
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/../../../ signing-machine
torsocks ssh signing-machine "mkdir tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.mar signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
torsocks ssh signing-machine
cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian
# XXX Modify the script to comment out the eval call.
export NSS_DB_DIR=/path/to/nssdb
# Only needed if you are not owner of the marsigner cert
export NSS_CERTNAME=your_certname
make signmars
# Now, re-attach storage to the online computer, and sync the signed
# results to a version-only directory (without the build number)
torsocks ssh "cp -a public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP /media/storage/TBB/tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.mar$TORBROWSER_VERSION
torsocks rsync -avP signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/*.mar $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/
#. Sign individual bundle files:
# XXX: Document
# Authenticode signing first
torsocks ssh windows-signing-machine "mkdir tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.exe windows-signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
torsocks ssh windows-signing-machine
cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
torsocks rsync -avP window-signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/*.mar $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/
# Authenticode timestamping next
export OSSLSIGNCODE=/path/to/osslsigncode
# All the GPG signatures at last
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/* signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
#. Sync to
#. Clear out old builds, transfer builds to staticiforme
#. Remote:
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